Christianity is a relationship not a religion.  God’s goal is for us to be in a dynamic personal relationship with Him; Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

We are called to make relational disciples, not just converts to a belief system.  And there are biblical principles and practices that guide us in developing the amazing relationship God created us for.

Experiencing all that God intends for us on this earth-journey is constantly under attack and can be hindered by our flesh, the devil and the power of world systems.  We need to learn what and how to fight for the inheritance we truly have in Jesus…  here, on earth.  This requires both knowledge and practice.  

Vivian has been teaching, discipling and mentoring since 1973.  She shares from the depth and breadth of her relationship with the Godhead and her experiences of victory over the negative effects of life. Her broad training has included areas of spiritual warfare, deliverance, and the effects of ritual abuse.  

 Vivian is available for teaching engagements through the Connect page.

Teaching Series

Spiritual Warfare teaching
(5 cd set)

$20.00 Regular Price

$18.00 Sale Price

Abiding in the Godhead teaching
(2 cd set)

$12.00 Regular Price

$10.00 Sale Price

Getting Free, Staying Free

$12.00 Regular Price

$10.00Sale Price

Reconstructing Lives Freedom Workshops

Experienced repeated failures?

You can break the cycle…

Inhibited from changing certain life patterns?

You can break through…

Want to just “start over” and do things differently?

With God you can!

This is a hands-on workshop dealing with our personal strongholds and negative life patterns.

Learn step by step how to dismantle life-long obstructions to your peace, success, and joy.

Experience breakthrough and learn how to maintain the freedom received from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage and limitations.

In this time together, we will give you spiritual keys that unlock your true God-given potential.

Reconstructing Lives Freedom Workshop presented by Vivian Alderfer, Set Free to Set Free

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